Tuesday, November 18

7:00pm Worship Committee Meeting – Pete Seeger Room
7:00pm Finance Committee Meeting – Forrest Church Room

Wednesday, November 19

7:00pm BEACON – Forrest Church Room
7:00pm CUUPS – Covenant of UU Pagans – Olympia Brown Room
7:00pm Bylaws Task Force – Pete Seeger Room

Thursday, November 20

7:00pm Stewardship Task Force – Office

Friday, November 21

7:00pm Welcoming Congregation Ministry movie discussion showing of “Out of the Past” (no admission, all are welcome)

Saturday, November 22

2:00pm Afternoon Tea at Tina’s home

Sunday, November 23

9:00am BBUUCF – Christian Fellowship – Olympia Brown Room
9:30am Coffee Conversations – Forrest Church Room
12:00pm Choir of the Moment Rehearsal – Sanctuary

Universalist Convocation

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every Sunday at 10:30 am

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